Me in a Nut Shell Cracked Open

Meet the Blogger 🙂

Hi! My name is Juan Castillo Jr. (but you can call me Juan, or Yuan, or Jose, or maybe even Wuan?). My Strength Quest attributes (Top 5 anyways) are Responsibility, Intellection, Developer…and I forget the other 2 right now…ill post them later.  As an “Intellection” person, I am constantly observing and thinking.  Therefore, in order to let some of these thoughts out I resort to varying mediums such as photography,drawing, poetry, and blogging.  I am a follower of Christ, therefore my view on things are from a Christian point of view.  This however does not mean that my point of view is always Christian “Kosher”.  In fact, due to where I

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

come from in life, I believe that most of my thoughts are very “Unkosher”.  Nevertheless  its through the exploration of these “unkosher” thoughts that I find some of the most awesome epiphanies of life (if you read my blogs, you will soon see what I mean).

At the end of the day, I’m just a person who; like you, is trying to make sense of living while at the same time experiencing the same.  Its an awesome journey (complicated as it is) that is

full of twists and turns; dips and climbs; falls and walks.  I invite you to come share it with me (even if its just through a blog page, lol.)


photograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I consider myself a “tree hugger” and I don’t mind saying it.  I believe (wow…theres a lot of “I” in this page), that God gave us a responsibility to take care of our natural environment, so Im a huge promoter of sustainable living and natural preservation.  In fact, I am currently studying at the University of Florida in order to become an Urban Regional Planner….guess what im going to focus on :D.

I have loved animals ever since I was a child.  In fact, if you want to see me really giddy with excitement, take me to a park and leave me there.  Ill be happily content watching the birds, squirrels, insects, and so forth.

Another thing to know about me is that I am what they call an “ex-gay” (I hate that term).  This has caused me great grief for so many reasons.  For one, the obvious, is the persecution from people.  from one side, I get persecuted by those who claim to be religious and yet cant accept someone who struggles with this issue, and on the other side from the gay community

Gay flag nice

who wont accept someone wanting to get out of this issue.  Nevertheless, I constantly strive to know and understand this struggle which in some very weird ways has brought me closer to the God I love (Blog posts on this soon to come soon sooooo stay tuned if you want to know more 🙂 ).

By the way, this will be my first blog ever (yei go me..ehem).  So I have a lot to learn about blogging….A lot. However, I look forward to learning and to hearing from you, my future readers 😀 <——(supposed to be a really excited smiley).

— Juan Castillo Jr.


7 thoughts on “Me in a Nut Shell Cracked Open

  1. Thanks for sharing your story so honestly. Love that! So glad you’ve found the incredible love of God in your life. I share your views about being responsible stewards of the beautiful environment God put us in charge of. Thanks for the link to my post “Are Christians Perfect . . .”

  2. Juan… may you be granted confidence as a creation of God, the wisdom of Christ, and the encouragement of the Spirit. This life is messy, no thanks to the “it’s all about me” attitude of humanity. But, as it appears, you are proof that a nutshell can be cracked open to reveal and reflect His design. Thanks for visiting ezerwoman so I could “meet” you. Be faithful on the journey.

    • Thank you greatly for the encouragement and blessing 🙂 it really is a pleasure to “meet” you too. I did not know that the hebrew word for helper was ezer? I have to admit, I was wondering about the name ezerwoman 🙂 but now that I know what ezer means, it all makes sense. GREAT NAME! :). looking forward to reading your blogs.
      Thanks again for the blessing 🙂

  3. I guess I gt my answer to what you’re studying! 🙂 Great! I too relate a lot to sustainable living, in nature but also in business and life in general. I belive, we all, also the money making machines, have responsibilites to make decisions and choices in a sustainable way. We all struggle with something, few, like yourself, are just more braver than others, to talk about struggles and stand by it. And that’s admirable!

    • Thank you :). It has been a journey that has brought me to some close friends (and a few enemies lol) but its one that is really teaching me the meaning of loving people no matter what they struggle with, and also to realize how awesome is God’s love (which is a ridiculously huge source of strenght).

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