Good Works?

Mat 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

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Good works are something that we as believers ought to (and are commanded) to do.  Good works glorify our Father.  Moreover, we are ordained to do them (Eph 2:10).  As Christians, we easily recognize things such as mission trips, homeless feedings, nursing visitations, etc as good works.  However, it’s a bit harder for us (for some reason) to recognize things such as being polite, not gossiping, loving, caring, being considerate, selfless, etc as good works.  Maybe this happens because these works are not as extravagant as something as a mission trip to some other continent? However, may I propose to you; the reader, that the little things (or at least what we consider little) bring more glory to God than the big mission trips or the homeless feedings.

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These are good things mind you.  There is nothing wrong with going to a downtown to feed people who are less fortunate than you, or to go to another country on a medical mission or even an evangelistic mission.  These things are needed and good.  However, these types of activities are not exclusive to Christianity.  Quite the contrary, there are many big corporations who will do things of similar fashion for clout and good publicity.  It’s not uncommon for such events to happen.  In fact, it’s almost expected.  However, there is something that is quite uncommon.  That is a person who consistently lives for others in the small daily things such sharing, serving, loving, encouraging, etc.  This is something that is not common at all because the world system trains us to take care of “number one”.    We are all guilty of it.  But to us (disciples of Christ) has been given the Holy Spirit in order that we may overcome and bring Glory to our Father.

Therefore, let us “not be weary in doing good” (II Timonthy 3:13).  Let us not stop going on missions and feeding the poor.  However, let us also focus on doing the small things like putting others first and focusing on their happiness as opposed to ours.  Focus on serving, loving, encouraging, and all in all being a positive person towards humanity.

(And before anyone says it, yes I know I am the chief amongst those who need to work on this.) However, let my failure be propulsion for those who know me, to love differently than I.  As I also work on applying this to my own life along with you.

May the Lord, God of all peace be with you and give you wisdom.


Juan Castillo Jr.