Christians’ Vote for Trump Tells Me Everything I Need to Know


It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when I looked up to church leaders.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when I looked up to the so called “Christians”.

I once felt like I belonged in the “Christian” group. Like I was home amongst people that genuinely cared for me.

Many of you probably knew me back then.

It’s hard to imagine how blind I used to be, and how I didn’t see past the farce sooner.

I stand looking at my social media feeds and what is happening as our nation elects what is without a doubt one of the most ungodly if not THE most ungodly man to ever aspire the seat of the American presidency.

What’s even worse is that so called “Christians” are cheering this sad scenario on. These are the same “Christians” that I’ve personally debated over the appropriateness of worship music styles (such a trivial matter really) and yet they back a man that shames our country with a filthy rhetoric of hate and intolerance.

The same “Christians” that taught me to guard my heart are turning a blind eye to one of the darkest hearts in politics right now.

The same “Christians” that admonished me to live a sexually pure life support a man that is OK and even boasts of grabbing women by the pussy, demeans women by attacking their looks and their personal struggles, and has even been married three times. What ever happened to all that preaching about divorce?

Such hypocrisy.

Let me make this clear: you “Christians” have lost any credibility to preach to me about your delusion of righteousness.

I’m tired of pleading with a group that is able to suspend notions of belief only to elect a morally bankrupt man because his worlds tickle the ears.

However, you will find yourselves deceived.

The devil promises many things and keeps none.

But by the time you realize your error, it’ll be too late.

What happens from here on is your responsibility and you bare the full blame.

When love was required you embraced hate. With your vote, you told people like me that we don’t matter.

How could I ever turn to a group who doesn’t care about me.

I will never turn to such a group.


I challenge the notion that you serve a loving god knowing full well that you don’t.

You serve yourselves and disguise this in a Halloween costume of a poor imitation of the Truth.

I will still seek the Lord. I will do so for the rest of my life.

But at least now I know where I won’t find Him.