Hate in Mass Shooting, Race Shooting, and Cop Shooting


These past few weeks has revealed a horrible truth: people like me are still not safe.

On one hand, you have terrorists; vile and depraved beings, who think so little of human life so as to destroy the life of 50 innocent people only because of their different sexual orientation. On the other hand, there’s the select few who have taken oaths to protect us but instead hunt us down for no other apparent reason than the color of our skin.

But as if all this was not enough, then you have those; who for the outlining actions of a few, villainize the whole and take it upon themselves to exact retribution.

A barbaric, senseless, shameful, and dehumanizing retribution.

I can’t help but have a heavy heart.

How can a creature that is supposed to be an evolutionary advancement be so primal, ignorant, and destructive?

I want to believe that humans are better. I want to believe that one day we truly will look at each other not through a tinted glass of warped reality, but rather through no glass at all.

No divides.

Just, none.

Hate is never justified. Unfortunately the actions that are plaguing most media outlets exemplify hate.

But the answer to what is plaguing society right now is not far from anyone’s reach.

It’s not really about what government reforms can be accomplished.

It’s not about the removal of weapons or even a new president.


It’s about challenging hate…within ourselves.

Hate is a nasty weed that uses justification and excuses to exist. It hides behind the rock of principles and laws and grows on the nourishment of status quo. Like all weeds, hate starts small. Unchecked however, it grows out of control and before you know it, this invasive creature has taken over! It’s easier to remove it when it’s a tiny plant. It’s significantly harder to uproot once it has taken hold. Nevertheless, in both scenarios, hate can be dealt with.

That’s right.

There is hope.

This may sound cliché, but the truth is if we want change in our world, we have to start changing ourselves.

The moment we can realize that none of us are guiltless of hate, the faster we can work together towards a solution.

Scientists believe we are the evolutionary apex of our current time. Religious folk believe we were created in the image of God. No matter how you look at it, humans are on top. Smarter and more powerful than any other living being.

Therefore, it stands to reason that we are more than able to challenge ourselves.

To be better.

To defeat hate.

My heart is indeed heavy, but I choose hope.






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