YouTube Here I Come!!!

It is finally here!

The day when I have finally decided to step out and do something that for the most part freaks me out and yet completely excites me.

I have started my own YouTube channel!

Though currently small, my goal is to grow it to 500 subscribers by the end of this month.  Feels like a daunting task but I’m confident it can be done.

So what is this channel all about?  Similar to what this blog has been all about really, recording struggles and successes as honestly as possible. I want to offer the world (or whoever subscribes) a perspective that is a bit rare in my opinion and seldom presented in a loving manner. I want to tell the world how it is for a gay Christian.

But that’s not the end of the story.

I am my Father’s child, and I am much more than just religious dogma or a sexual orientation.  I have other interests and passions that make me who I am, that make me extremely valuable.  I think that’s the point of my new Vlog/YouTube channel.  To have an open window into the life of a gay Christian while at the same time showing that there’s more to life, to a person, to me, than gay Christianity.

Through this channel I want an open dialogue with the Church, to hopefully give them a view of the heart and struggles of someone like me.  I also want this to be an open dialogue with the gay community so that they too can see the struggles of someone like me.  Because in the battle of discrimination between religious groups and homosexuals, few are discriminated more than those who profess to belong to both.

SO, I ask you, my blogging friends, would you consider joining me on YouTube?  Would you consider helping me spread the word or at least consider joining my channel and being part of a community that will hopefully be an awesome source for good?

I hope you consider doing so. I know it would make me extremely happy!

On a related note, I will start blogging again.  But I am considering moving platforms from to  I feel it enables to be more flexible with what I can and cannot do (attach videos to blog posts for example).

However, I won’t be blogging as frequent as I used to (maybe once a week) but I will be blogging more than I have been.

With that said, I want to say thank you.  Blogging was a necessary form of expression for me at a time when I was learning and evaluating a lot of things.  This blog and your comments and interactions have been a huge source of comfort for me, much more than I could readily describe.

So thank you my blogging friends.

Onward to what’s next.  Onward we go.


Ps: Click here to check out the YouTube Channel.

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