Silence (poem)

Warning: Before you read this poem know that it has some strong language. However, I think the language was necessary to convey the overall meaning.


Silent I sit as the world passes by
Silence. You Jerk! You can piss off and die
I’ve harbored your mess and believed all the lies
You bastard! I’m done. And don’t think I will cry

Silent I stand as my mind stirs and flies
Silence. You ass! Would you leave? Do you mind?
I’m trying to think, and I’m trying to pry
You’re loud. I’m done and breaking all ties

Silent I watch the sun set the skies
Silence. You’re done and don’t dare ask me why
You see all this mess yet you think I will find
You whore! You’ve bed me for the very last time

Silent I sit as silence is mine
Silence now waits as his arms reaches mine
His grip is so firm. My soul can’t deny
Silent I lay in a silent goodbye

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