If It Ever Was (Poem)

If it mattered it would be unfair

To unveil the winds and tie what’s there

Grasping what’s disguised as air

Lamenting and running bare


If there was worth it could be unjust

Erect a wall in swamps of dust

But loneliness a grasp of must

And games to spin yet not to cusp


If there was truth it could be wrong

In silence sing a distant song

Confused to where and why belong

And never find a truthful bond


If it was so it might be harsh

A glimpse of hope to drown and parch

Where beauty reigned reveal the farce

Resign the dance and halt the march


If it was true I might just dare

To run with gold but show no care

And spin a top a dark world’s stare

Yet burn with all that once was fair


Juan Castillo Jr.

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