Love is not compromising

As a believer, I hear this said by religious folk all the time:

“Love without truth is not love, people preach love but don’t preach truth and what they get is humanism”

There is truth in the above statement.  However, there is also a hidden danger.

When we look at Jesus, we see that Jesus always preached truth.  However when he did, people also saw love. Why? Because His actions spoke of the love He had for those whom He loved. 

This is not the case with most of today’s religious circles.

To speak truth in today’s context means to highlight people’s sin and destroy them in order to “save them”.  The danger is that those who are being destroyed fail to realize that there is love behind the truth.  Or maybe they are successful in seeing that there is no love behind the truth for truthfully most people are so enamored by ‘truth” and knowledge, that they forget that “the greatest of these is love”.

Our actions should focus on love…always! This does not mean compromise on truth, but it means that we ALWAYS speak truth in love.  It means that we focus on loving rather than bashing.  And if the time comes when we must speak something that challenges another person’s view, actions, beliefs, whatever; that this spoken word is said in love, because indeed our actions have already testified of the fact that we love.

Love beloved! Love!

And let your love shine, speak with love, admonish with love, grow with love, care with love, help with love, preach with love.  For in this time in our world, the greatest miracle is love.






2 thoughts on “Love is not compromising

  1. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog & find it valuable to my own struggles & questions.

    I am a Christian and I too have struggled & still struggle occasionally with same sex attraction. More than that I’m struggling with how to rightly blend loving people (especially non Christians) with speaking the truth in love. I do not want to compromise the truth about Jesus or sin, but I also do not want to downplay the truth that Jesus is love. I so struggle with walking in both because I love Jesus with my whole heart & I want my family & friends to love Him too, but alas I am also prone to a legalistic self-righteous heart.

    Thank you for your blog.

    God bless 😀

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