Teacher shows video in school and “Christians” lie in protest

westboroSo recently, one of my good friends showed a video in school.  This video shed light on the issue of bullying by flipping the role of sexual identities in our society (instead of people getting bullied due to homosexuality, people were getting bullied due to their heterosexuality).

A moving video (I literally could not stop crying after seeing this…mainly because this happens all the time across our country).

Nevertheless, some have taken it upon themselves to forgo the obvious anti bullying message of the video and instead, demonstrate a level of hatred, ignorance, and overall bigotry that is absolutely astounding.

More and more I can’t help but to de-associate myself with a group of people that call themselves followers of Christ.   A group of people who are now falsely accusing MY friend of having an agenda, MY friend of worshiping Satan, MY friend of trying to indoctrinate, convert innocent minds.  These people are talking about MY friend.

Normally, you see things in the news and you can’t help but to think “how awful” but then you don’t give it a second thought.  But here…

Here I have a situation where so called CHRISTIAN people are blatantly LYING about my friend.  LYING in order to somehow protest something they consider so abhorrent to the Lord.  Because after all, what can be more abhorrent to God than homosexuality right?  A sin that is mentioned 7 times in scripture (arguably, it could be less).   But let’s overlook the fact that we are fabricating stories.  I’m sure these fabrications are honorable in the sight of the Lord because after all what is LYING compared to homosexuality right?

I don’t think I have ever felt so sick to be labeled as a Christian.  I never thought these people could sink so low.  It’s my friend you are demonizing, someone I know, and someone I have talked to on numerous occasions; someone who has aspired to be a role model for his students, and who is excited when his students succeed; someone whom I would always label “Ag teacher superstar” because honestly, I have not seen anyone with more passion and more dedication to his calling.

This is all over a video that sheds light to a real problem that is largely ignored due to the fear, ignorance, hatred; lack of compassion and lack of anything that has to do with Christ from people who have the balls to dare call themselves Christians.

When you blatantly LIE to uphold your twisted version of truth, you are not a Christian but a Pharisee.  And so; for me anyways; I see two options. A. These so called Christians, need to stop calling themselves that; for Christian you are not.  B. I will stop calling myself a Christian, for I can’t in good faith allow my name to be attached to such a hateful community.

You LIED about my friend…I still can’t believe it.  If you are interested in checking out the video I’m referring to here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9mA6B1HRKE

I’m done being quiet.  I’m tired of being nice and I’m about to call it for what it is.  The church needs reform (again).  But until that happens (and if you know me), do not call me a Christian until the Christian community takes back its good name.

You Lied about my friend…you know what that makes you? A liar…and that, oh Christian is a true abomination.


4 thoughts on “Teacher shows video in school and “Christians” lie in protest

  1. We know there are tares sown in among the wheat, and wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, as Christians, I also believe part of our cross is to bear up with one another, even in such strong disagreement. Though I understand the urge to not call yourself Christian because you don’t want your name associated with people you are seeing as such sinners, maybe even as frauds – remember who Christ Himself allowed himself to be associated with. Are we better than Him? And your decision to be called Christian should be about Him, not others. Or are you better than this? In a twisted way, this, too leads to us being persecuted falsely for His sake, because of the actions of other Christians – and this, too, gives us the opportunity to love our enemies – while simultaneously loving one another in Christ. But if you divorce yourself from Christ – that’s exactly what the devil wants. Don’t be ashamed of His name. Don’t let others define what “Christian” means while you distance yourself. Have faith in Christ – He will judge in the last day. Keep soldiering on! And I don’t mean to say any of this in a bossy tone, it’s just I’m tired and it’s electronic messaging….please know you are not alone, and Christ is big enough for all of this, and all of us! Don’t abandon Him or His name for anything, no matter how dark it gets. Especially not because of the other Christians, if you still truly have faith in Christ. Remember – the church is a spiritual hospital for the spiritually sick. Sitting in the waiting room, you will be surrounded by spiritually sick people, sinners. They can get ugly. We can get ugly. We have sins even as they have sins. The point is, we are there for our spiritual physician – Christ. it is the physician, Christ, who heals – not the hospital waiting room, not the other patients. Walk to another room. Go to the chapel! But don’t ever shake off the glory of Christ’s name from your shoulders, claim it, own it! Hugs, from your sister in Christ

    • Oh absolutely! My rejection of “Christian” is against the word, not the relationship. I feel the word has different meaning today than it did before. But rest assured, Christ is my savior, my God. I do not nor will I deny this. :).

      • I know what you mean! After becoming Christian, following Christ….I’m kind of aghast at all of the additional associations that are now attributed to me, things that have nothing to do with me or my faith or my beliefs or practices. There is an author I am reading right now (who also has some youtube presentations if you look her up), who has been on both sides of the fence. I think she has useful ideas about how NOT to approach the situation, and what to do instead. Her name is Rosaria Butterfield. I have also seem some good videos on the “Spiritual Friendship” page, “Transforming the Conversation”: http://spiritualfriendship.org/video/. I’m glad you’re still Christian! 🙂

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