While Arizona votes to let businesses owners refuse service to gays on religious grounds, Jesus weeps


So in Arizona, lawmakers are attempting to pass legislation that would allow business owners to refuse service to gays on religious grounds, a measure that the House approved with a 33-27 vote.  Of course this is all being done in the name of religious freedom (mainly by conservative Christians).

Can we be blinder I wonder?  How I wish Paul was here right now.  I wonder what he would say.  See Paul was a business owner (he made tents) but in the scriptures there is no mention of him denying service to sinners?

Right? Or am I wrong?

If anything, Paul would argue that we, as Christians, should serve sinners in order to have an opportunity to share Christ; because THAT is what it’s all about.  Millions of people are going to hell because selfish, pious, dogmatic Pharisees are picking up a banner of religion; slapping Jesus on it; and heralding it as if it’s somehow spiritual.

My question is simple.  Is your refusal to serve gays really about religious freedom, or is it about disgust for homosexuals.  Are you so bold as to wrap your intolerant views with the cloth of that which is pure, mainly the name of Christ?

Foolish people!  Since when has Jesus ever cared about such frivolous and un-eternal rubbish as who your business serves and/or refuses to serve?  Does not our God (wait, actually my God, because I suspect, he’s not yours) say “Come to me all who are thirsty”? ALL does not mean “Minus the homosexuals”.  ALL means every person.

You selfish, pious, poor excuse for someone to carry the mantel of Christ.  This is not what Christ would have done; this is NOT What any Godly, Spirit filled Christian would do.  But you do resemble your brothers and sisters; the Pharisees and Sadducees.

May the Lord bear witness against you!  He has commanded us to love and yet you refuse his commandment and instead; hate.  He has commanded us to go out into the world but you lock yourself in a safe haven of religion.  He has commanded us to “seek ye first the kingdom of God” but you seek your rights (as if you had rights), finances, and ambitions.

I council you to read through the scriptures and know how wrong you are.  Repent and come back to the Lord.  He indeed is knocking on your door.


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