When did we fall out of love with Jesus?


As I take a moment and ponder where our churches are making an impact in today’s world, I come to the sad realization that we have fallen out of love with Jesus.  I stumble through websites, books, movies, and comrades and what I am presented with is a love for a law, commandment, religious duty and image of piety.  But where; where is that radical love for a savior? 

Some would argue that some churches do have that love, and that they are going out into the mission field, feeding the poor, preaching righteousness and salvation; and spending time reading the scriptures.  And though to be fair, I have to agree that I do see these events taking place, in my spirit I can’t help but to notice that most of it is done with a blatant lack of love. 

There are people who pompously parade around cemeteries to protest the death of military Imagehomosexuals (or homosexuals in general) claiming to belong to Christ.  But let’s be honest and clear.  You, who do this, are not of Christ and when the judgment day arrives, you will get the strictest of judgments, for your hatred has caused many to blaspheme the name of Christ. 

But aside from that; there are churches who really do strive to please the Lord, but have forgotten to fall in love with Him first.  Sure (here, I speak to the Church), you’re involved in missionary work, feeding the poor, going to church (the building), and maybe even reading the bible every morning.  But does your heart break for people, or does your sense of righteousness prevails against sinners.  Do you stand for what’s right and what’s wrong against those who practice such things or do you show a world; which is so lost in the darkness, One who loves them and can transform them into new creations? 

Scriptures tells us that Christians are to be known by the love they have for each other…but let me tell you, that love is not in the churches.  Not for the sinners, and not for the saints.  Sadly, our services have become but mere social clubs that we have an obligation to attend.  Some of these clubs have really good music and dynamic speakers…but at the end, we all go home to a life that fails to mirror a love unbounding.  

We truly have forgotten who our Lord is; the Omnipotent almighty Father who cowers from nothing and no one. This Father, who has paid our sins in blood; His blood, and calls to the masses to come to Him; we have forgotten that this Father is the one that changes people and that we are but to voice His call to the masses. 

I remember the day of my salvation.  I remember my wide eyed love for Christ. No one had to tell me to start reading the bible; to start praying; to start asking for help with my anger issues.  These things God showed me, through the scriptures, and through loving people who spoke the truth over me in love (not forced it).  But slowly, as time went on, I too forgot my first love.  It started with an over zealousness for the law (do this, don’t do this, go here, can’t go there, etc).  I stopped looking at Jesus and instead looked at the law, which made me look at other things, and it wasn’t long before I wasn’t looking at all.  Now in my 30’s, the Lord is showing me new freedoms, and I cry because even now, even as I type this, I realize how wrong I’ve been.  And I realize that I too have caused some to go away from the One who loves them so much.  

Why didn’t I see this before? 

I’ve been a product of a lie; one that so many have fallen into.

One from which few will get out of. 

We crave the love of people, of others, and yet we don’t realize that that same craving shadows the craving we should have for our savior.  This does not mean that we should strive to be more righteous, more holy.  To be fair I would argue the opposite.  Some of you need to fall and fall hard.  

Why do we strive to please someone whom we can’t please?  Or what, do you think that our righteousness pleases the Lord? How can you please someone who knows the past, present, and future?  He knows your failure and the many that you will inevitably fall into and yet, He loves you.  We can’t please a perfect God because there is nothing more that we can do that has not already been done, per se.  God has accepted us by knowing everything of us, from our birth to our death. 

So, if the love of God is so powerful that in spite of our failures (all of them) He has and will forever love us; why is it that we have such a hard time loving others?  Why do we feel that it’s our job to transform people’s behavior before presenting them a savior, as opposed to presenting them a savior that can change their behavior?  We have it backwards! 


Don’t forget who Jesus laid hands on…in a forceful but Christ-like manner 🙂

I leave you with this:  Study the scriptures and take careful note who Jesus directed his strongest reprimands to.  Here is a hint: It really wasn’t the sinners, but the religious leaders who had fallen so in love with the law, that when their true God showed up in front of them, they could not recognize Him.


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