School trial

So school has started and the mayhem follows suit.  But that’s to be expected.  Nevertheless, I can’t help but to look around and see these young determined students out to conquer the world next to a not so young, person who probably should have finished school by now.  Have you ever felt like you somehow missed something?  Honestly, in my planned life I was already out of school by this age.  In fact, I was already well established in my career.   What happened?

The temptation would be to feel like a failure.  But thanks to some friendly advice I realize that I’m not a failure.  I’m still punching, writing, hating school, and going to it.  In other words, I haven’t given up.  Ill finish this part of life.  I will succeed.  The key is to never give up.  Never give up.  Never.

2 thoughts on “School trial

  1. When I had a classmate in college who’s age didn’t match with the rest of us, then and there that I nevet had the fear or self doubt that I can go back to further my education nomatter how old I am.

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