Stress is good…kind of


It’s crazy how quickly and how easily your body gets out of shape yet how slow and painful it is to get back into shape.  Why is that? Because to get into shape, you have to “stress” the body.   Meaning, you have to expose it to an increased level of stress such as the body has not readily known.  In fact, if you keep placing the same amount of stress on your body, the body will get comfortable and enter into something called a “plateau” which means the body stops growing. 

There is a principle here that the laws of physiology understand.  Growth happens when you are exposed to stress.  Our society sees stress as a bad thing, and to be truthful it can be.  Similar to over training with your body, too much stress can actually have an adverse effect on you.  Nevertheless, stress in moderation is what causes us to grow. 

So what does this mean for you and I?  Well, in the least it gives us a weapon to manage stress.  Mainly, it allows us to see the benefits of a stressful situation.  Yet on higher level, understanding the role of stress, prepares us to tackle and deal with stress in a healthy manner.  Going back to the body analogy, when you understand the level of pain a particular exercise causes, you can ascertain how much more you can endure and how much more stress you are willing to summit your body to.  It is what gives you the courage to add more weight on the rack.  It’s what gives you that fire to push for one more rep.  Without this understanding, you will look at the weight rack, doubt yourself, and never venture to pick the weights up.

Don’t let that happen to you my friends.  Stress is just that, stress.  It is not to be feared but tackled.  We are not to allow it to overcome us but rather we must overcome it so that consequently we become stronger.  Will we fail?  Maybe.  But again, “failure” is only failure when you stop trying.  You will never be able to curl heavy dumbbells, until you try to curl them and fail.  Repeated failures will eventually produce success, and then, when you mastered that particular weight, guess what!  It’s time to increase the weight and start the process all over. 

Pick up the dumbbells of your life, and if you can’t lift it now, don’t get discouraged.  Keep trying and you’ll see that not only will you eventually be able to lift the weight, but you will lift it with ease. 


2 thoughts on “Stress is good…kind of

  1. Thanx so much for this Encoraging Word for the Stressed Out & Zombies of various sorts (my brother has taken to calling me the Zombie-this & Zombie-that…) Sometimes when our bodies, muscles, hearts atrophy ’tis a good idea to start anew (maybe after a wee rest? : )
    grace, peace & baby dumbbells – Virginia

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