If you stick your finger into an electric socket you will get shocked

When I was in my teens (a troubled teen at that lol), I had a very wise youth pastor.  He used to say something to the youth group that even in my adult hood I recollect often (to be completely honest, he said a lot of things I recollect often).   He said: “If you put your finger in an electric socket you are going to get shocked, it’s inevitable.  So how can you expect to tap into the greatest power in the world and not get changed?” this may not be quoted verbatim but the gist of the statement is there are certain truths of cause and effect that cannot be denied.  If you come into contact with electricity, this cause and effect truth will kick in (I. e. you’re going to get shocked).  This truth also applies to God.  If you claim to have tapped into His power (I.e., accept Him as savior and receive the Holy Spirit as the sign of redemption) then you will be affected.  There is no way around that.  Make no mistake, your desires, goals, thoughts, ambitions, all of that will be affected.  To be clear, this does not mean that all of a sudden you are going to become perfect or incapable of sinning.  I argue it’ll probably be the opposite since the enemy will now be against you; which means you will probably stumble, get discouraged, fight against desires, selfish ambitions, etc.  But the true mark of a Christian (in my opinion anyways) is not his/her perfection; rather is his/her singularity. What do I mean?

Let’s take a normal relationship for example.  At first, you have the honeymoon stage where everything is flowery and peachy.  Your significant other could never do anything wrong because you are just so in love with them and they are so perfect.  But then, reality hits and stuff start to annoy you…a lot.  You get into arguments with your significant other to the point that at times you may even doubt your love for the person.  Mistakes happen, disappointment manifests itself, and you are left wondering (sometimes anyways) if you made a mistake.  But, through all the doubting, failing, arguing, and pondering, you know…you just know that this person completes you.  Relationships are not perfect, but there is no doubt that you are in a relationship.  I believe it’s the same way with God.  I make mistakes, lots of them.  Sometimes I can be “On fire” for the Lord and sometimes I can be as cold as a South Pole morning.  But at the end of the day, week, month, or sometimes even year; I know that I’m in a relationship with the Lord.  There is no denying that, even when I purposely tried to deny it.  You see, I tapped into the greatest power in the world and I was changed.  It did not make me perfect (at least not in the physical state), nor stronger, or even wiser.  But it changed my heart, my attitude, my fears and my hopes.  It changed my outlook on life, death, eternity, and finality.

I don’t say this to be super spiritual.  I say this to point out a simple truth.  No matter how bad I screw up (which happens often), I know and will always know, that I belong to the Lord.  And on that day when he rents the heavens in two, and descends with the shout of a bazillion angels; and calls out to those who have been waiting for him whether in the grave or alive, I will be one of those he calls.  Not because I’m perfect, not because I’ve done everything right, but simply because I entered into a relationship with Him.  We argue (and I always lose), I doubt, I fall, and I ponder.  But the undeniable truth is I’m changed (I.e. I poked into the electric socket and it shocked the heck out of me…thank goodness).

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