Hard times are worth their weight in diamonds

There are benefits to doing something to the best of your ability; at least for me.  Seldom, do I come across a better feeling than to stand back and see the fruits of hard work.  The danger of course, is to become prideful and haughty at the sight of “your accomplishment”.  Especially when you have labored so much for so long to finally obtain something tangible that you can honestly say is good.  The truth is, if it wasn’t for the Lord God Almighty, I would not be able to accomplish anything.  So all praise goes to Him.  Nevertheless, I am the instrument He chose to use to accomplish a task.  That in it of itself is awesome.

I guess I say that to say this:  Don’t be afraid of hard work and don’t be afraid of hard times.  If life was easy and work was a breeze we would live lives that are, for the most part, unchallenged and underdeveloped.  Think about it.  If rocks and minerals avoided intense pressure, would we ever get diamonds?  Sure, we have figured out a way to artificially create them, but are these nearly as valuable as the real thing?  The name itself says it all: “Artificial”.  Good things are seldom found easily.  So don’t be surprised when you go through tough times or have to work hard at something.  All that means is that you are on the verge of discovering something worth the toil. 


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