Love song for a savior

I sit in a solitary moment and can’t help but to look as time flies by.  Caught in the momentary past; wooed to consider the love before me.  He is ever before me.  I stroll through the quiet stream that passes by and I can’t help but to caress its silent surface.  A melody rings forth as the breath of his presence fills my lungs.  Taking hold of His hand, I proceed to walk through the memories; the times He’s held me close.  I’m not lost.  We stroll through the moments of tears, we waltz through the chronos of joy and in His gaze I find myself.  He speaks tenderly as a lover to a bride and beckons me to know.  And in this moment; as I sit and stare at the screen of this present time, I am millions of miles away carried by a desire to know Him.  His tender patience is intoxicating. His guiding light; healing.  I thirst for His embrace.  I long for Him.  The conclusion arises within me as the lover of the ages pursues me.  Violently, He fights the walls built by my hands.  Tirelessly, He calls out my name and I know; with every fiber of my body I know.  He will never stop.  He will put eternity beside Him, and together they will reach me.  As my cell is battered down, my chains fall to the ground. I’ll do what I was meant to do.  What I have wanted to do all this time.  I sing and I dance for the Great King, the Ruler of All. The Omnipotent Father has come and in His arms, I will be home.  In His arms, I will be home.

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