We don’t own anything, so why hang on to it?



Be careful what you wish for in life.  And don’t hang on to anything too tightly.  For when the moment comes and you are deceived into thinking you actually own anything, it is then that you lose sight of the true value in life.  In this world, we own nothing.  We are not entitled to anything.  Life is fickle and at any moment it can take what it has lent to us right back.  You see, were not entitled to things.  That’s just not our place. Everything belongs to Him.  How silly, to climb on our little soap boxes and complain about this and that.  When in reality we have no control of anything.  Sure, some people are geniuses and obtain financial gains easier than most.  But in the end; in the very end, we all end up letting go in one way, form, or another.  Life is not guaranteed.  It is but a smoke; a vapor that floats into the vast expanse of space.  So live your life fully.  Hanging on to things that perish; things that you will eventually give up anyways, is not living your life fully.  Take some time and look at nature.  Learn from it.  Take some time and look at poverty, and learn from it.  You see, the rich are not blessed, not because richness is evil, rather because richness is binding.  But the funny irony, is that the poor; the impoverished; the lacking; these are truly free.   


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