When everyone is right and everyone is wrong


As humans, we have the crazy ability to easily find faults in others while completely negating our own.  It happens all the time.  For example, a co-worker describing the horrible employee walking by and all the while conveniently forgets the grossness of gossip.  Another example would be the politicians who find dirt on their opponent yet fight tirelessly to hide theirs.   Let’s not forget the law enforcer who; while turning their emergency lights to cross a red light, are so brazen to give a civilian a ticket for going five miles over the speed limit.  Yes this world is full of fault finding; blind hiding humans who so easily forget their own faults.  But the sad part of this scenario; the part that breaks my heart, is the fact that the ones who are supposedly so wise, so knowledgeable, and so “right” are the worst culprits of all.  People who have claimed victimization from persecutors are in turn persecuting and victimizing.  Those who have claimed intolerance from intolerant people are now intolerant themselves.  And when at the end of the day, the sun gives off its final rays; the world finds a deserted scene with everyone claiming to be right, yet no one realizing their wrongs.  It’s a sad day when the blind pretends to see.  It’s a sad day when the lame refuses the crutch.  Vice is like a deadly gun, but pride is an atomic bomb and sadly it has been detonated by all.    

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