Pitbull blindfold causes more harm than good




It amazes me how people can jump on a band wagon so easily and completely negate the obvious.  Then again, I guess all of us are guilty of such actions one time or another in our lives.  Nevertheless, a perfect example of this statement happened this week when we (List25.com) published a list by the title of 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds.   As the editor, I suspected that this list was going to get some slack due to the fact that a lot of these dogs are truly misrepresented in the social and cultural sphere of today.  So I knew that this list had to represent a responsible and truthful representation of these dogs.  Therefore I made sure that the intro stated the obvious; that these dogs are powerful but most of the incidents stem from bad ownership (which, by the way, is a true statement).  Moreover, I proceeded to make sure that within the list, it was clearly stated that improper training is the main culprit to improper dog behavior. 

In spite of all this, I still had people stating that lists like these where part of the reason that pitbulls and other large dogs where misrepresented in our culture.  I could not help but to be somewhat offended.  First of all, these people are completely negating the obvious.  As amazing as the pitbull breed is (and indeed this breed is truly amazing), the fact still stands that the pitbull is a powerful animal.  To glance over that fact for the sake of “Dog equality” is erroneous and causes more harm than good.  Its owners who don’t fully understand the power of this breed that place these dogs in dangerous situations which may provoke the dog to action thus giving the breed a bad name.  For example, I’ve seen plenty of pitbulls loose within the apartment complex I have lived in.  The owners may think that because the pitbull has never been aggressive, that it will not pose any harm to other people.   Mind you, a dog should never be left off a leash and unattended Imageunless you are in a designated and fenced in dog area. The problem here is that these owners don’t realize the power of a pitbull.  It’s not that the dog is out to bite people rather, is the fact that the people could bite people. Given the power of the dog, one bite can be disastrous.  Moreover, as much as we love our dogs, we have to understand that their thinking is not our thinking.  They may perceive something completely different than what it actually is and strike.  For example, a friend may be playing rough with you.  The dog may think you’re being attacked and  is going to defend you.  It’s not the dog’s fault, is the owners.  

People who attack the fact that a pitbull is a strong and dangerous dog are putting on blindfolds for the sake of changing the cultural view of this truly magnificent dog.   I argue that what needs to be done is to focus on proper owner training as opposed to attacking anything that resembles a negative opinion on the dog.  The fact of the matter is the list does not say that the dog is vicious, what it does say is that the dog has the POTENTIAL for harm and that it should be treated with great respect.  

What do you guys think?  Check out the 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds and give me your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.


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