Im sick!

As I lay here with an achy body, fever, runny nose, and pain ridden face; I come to the painful realization that my dog must be walked.  My bed is nice and cozy and my body full and achy yet I stare at those cute, huge, but frankly quite unwanted eyes right now that says “Take me out take me out take me out!”.  And so, I swing my body around towards the side of the bed, and proceed to stand up.  I am greeted by a swarm of dizziness and I sit back down.  I take a deep breath and I try again.  My dog frolics around me full of anticipation.  Im not amused.  I shuffle my feet towards her leash, then towards the door realizing, I forgot to attach her to the leash.  Good for me, shes right beside me.  I bend down to attach the leash when again I am greeted by a swarm of dizziness.  I catch my breath and proceed to take her out.

Moral of the story?  I love my dog.

I hope your evening is healthier than mine.  Cheers for good health tomorrow!

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