New Job:

Time has definitely flown by this year.  It seems like yesterday I was struggling to grapple with the fact that life was changing for me.  Now…well, I’m still grappling with the changes. 

New Job Anyone?



Definitely take a stroll through our website and check it out.

Probably one of the biggest changes (and I do say “One of”) is my new job.  You guys are reading a post from the new senior editor for (check out the site).  It’s probably one of the coolest jobs I have ever held.  For starters I get to do something I really enjoy, blogging!  (Well kind of…I edit other writer’s stuff and make sure that it’s amazing!).  Working in a blogging field has really challenged me to learn about social media interactions, blogging, design, and even people.   It has also challenged me to become more meticulous about details which I thought I was good at; but I quickly learned otherwise.  All in all, it’s a new adventure that is developing me as a person and as worker.  

Personal Blog Site?

So what does this mean for this blog page?  Well it’s going to continue of course.  Hopefully, I will become a better blogger and I will be able to express my thoughts a heck of a lot better as time goes on.  I honestly feel horrible that I have been slacking in posting updates on a consistent basis.  I am hoping to stop this slacking….eventually (Kidding).  Actually, I plan to start posting something every Imagenight.  Even if it’s just a short hello; or maybe something from my new job; or maybe even a photo I’ve worked on.  But don’t worry, I’m still here, and I’m still grateful for you guys. 

Moving Forward

I would love for you guys to support my efforts on Let me know what you guys think of lists that are posted.  If you guys have ideas for new lists, definitely let me know those too.  

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