Bear (Poem)

I normally don’t like to give information concerning my poems since poetry can impact people differently.  However, in this particular poem I will give some information due to the possibility of it being misconstrued into something that I am completely not intending within the poem.

The context of this poem revolves around a recent event in which I ventured to accomplish a task and miserably failed.  This event discouraged me, but as I sat down and thought about what had just transpired, my discouragement turned into a desire to become better so that eventually I would master this event.  This poem came directly after that “sit down”.


You have shown your ugly face 

A deep disgrace 

But you’re mistaken if you think I’m rolling

Strolling through the path of defeat


Don’t take my anguish as a sign of hopelessness

Openness is what it is

But you accursed fiend

Have tempered with the wrong Beast


Ill rise and show you how strong I am

Ill grab you by the head and make you my dog

Your utter demise will be my delight

And hopelessly you’ll see your lack of control over me.


Behold I rise from the blow you have laid upon me

A pathetic and laughable attempt on your part

Bear is my name and you shall be acquainted with the strength given to me

Bear is the name you will know me by in your nightmares


Lo, I take hold the hand of life

Only to mercilessly take yours

Your corpse will be but my trophy

My hatred for you will be the mantle


You parasitical tick

You think to do me in 

But little do you know that I am but a dormant beast that you’ve now awakened 

And you will lament this day for eternity


Behold my victory is assured

Behold I see it nigh 

The power that dwells within me will surely guide my path

I have been given authority to tear you down

Piece by bloody piece 


See? I sharpen my claws with the rocks of adversity

I laugh at the thought of your pleas for mercy

I laugh at the act of your silencing


I rise

I take a deep breath and I rise 

I will be the most glorious of beasts

My weakness, in your nightmare you will scream my name 


My weakness is your name

And long have I allowed me to be your playground 

But now I rise

And the power you had over me will be your shame 

The power I now have over you is my glory

5 thoughts on “Bear (Poem)

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