Top of the morning to ya!

The morning has come and the view before me is that of open lands and farms in the midst of a cloudy morning. The announcer just announced out next stop; Waterloo Indiana. I wonder if that’s the train stop the Amish people who have been staring at me this whole morning are getting off on.
Chicago is not too far off now. At least I don’t think so. But in all honesty I’m enjoying my train ride so much, I would not mind it being a bit farther away.
My cold however has worked hard in making my trip as miserable as it could. It failed. But it still created some awkward moments. Especially when you’re sitting next to someone for 17 hours and your sick… Nevertheless, this morning has found me feeling better. My face actually feels normal again. I’m still stuffy, and sneeze but the body aches are gone…a major plus. I think a good shower would do me much good.

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