Train ride to Chicago, update

My adventure has so far has started on a mostly positive tune. For the exception (as fate would have it) of me having a slight head cold, the trip so far has been everything I have envisioned! My adventure began in Gainesville, where I rode the Megabus to get to Orlando. Here I started shooting for my coming first video blog (woot woot)! And also waited for a train that was 45 minutes delayed. Once the train arrives I boarded a train that seemed slightly outdated, and moved at speeds of 25 – 80 mph. Nevertheless the views were spectacular (as I hope you see in the coming video). The people where really friendly and the baggage handling was really hassle free. I have to say, for the exception of the delay, most of my ride has been hassle free. I had a seven hour layover in Washington DC where I got to have lunch with a good friend of mine whom God has blessed with wisdom and grace. In fact he also has a blog which (if you guys like my blog) you guys should check out. Ill post a link later since right now I am writing this on my phone.

I also got to ride the metro transit in Washington DC (but of course you know I was going to do so :). I was also able to take a pretty sweet photo of the metro (before I found out that they don’t allow tripods on the platform, so trust me, these shots to me are like Gold. Ill post them later).

I also got to check out our nations Capitol White House! Ok let me just say, pictures do it no justice…none. The scale of this thing is magnificent! Truly a work or architectural art!

Currently I am on the second Chicago bound train. In 17 more hours I shall reach my final destination! I’m sure the question on your mind is, do I regret taking the train yet?….nope. 🙂 see you guys on my next post 🙂

Phone typing is hard! Lol so I apologize for any misspelled words.


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