Getting ready for an Amtrak ride to Chicago!

Amtrak train in downtown Orlando, Florida.

As I sit to write this post, the clock on the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen informs me that it is indeed 2:47 AM.  In about four hours, I will be hoping on a bus headed to Orlando in order to connect with an Amtrak train that will first take me to Washington DC.  Here, I will wait for about seven hours until my connecting train arrives which shall then take me to Chicago.  Each train ride is about 17 hours long.  Some of you are already cringing at the idea.  Some of you think I’m crazy (and by the way, you would be right).  But the truth is I’m really excited about this trip.  Sure it’s a long train ride as opposed to the fact that I could have just taken a flight to Chicago (but where is the adventure in that?).  Sure, I’m probably going to look silly, walking around Washington DC as I wait for my next train carrying around a huge suitcase and an equally huge tripod with a backpack and a camera (did I mention that I’m crazy?).  But the fact is, I genuinely am looking forward to this; to the enjoyment of riding the train through uncharted territories (Hopefully mountains…but we’ll see).  I can’t wait to start shooting away with my camera and to start putting together the first of what promises to be many more video blogs.  Well, see.  But as of right now, my eyes are telling me that my craziness must end with some sleep…some.  So I log off by saying, Good morning!  I will see ya’ll around, and be looking for posts from the trip.  And if you don’t already, follow my tweets (Jcgator1).


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