The hearts rationality (Poem)

What do you do when you smile at the tiger and the tiger stares back at you

And where will you go when the boarders you’ve managed crumble

If coping is winning and losing is pinning you back to all that you used to

What will you do when the stars stop shinning and the world revolves around who knows

When will the race stop pushing so hard against comfort of all that is

For racing at times may seem too hard to keep on pace

But if only you could for one moment steal an embrace

What will you do when the lack of what’s normal stares defiantly at your face

How will the day resemble when the promises they’ve made ring false

And how fast can you move away from the cliff that’s shouting your name

No matter how strong or brave, good looking or sane, the waters will love to drown

How will you swim against the current of all that is against you

When the weight of success lays down on your chest and squeezes your heart for mercy

Will there be a time; a place; a rhyme to keep on fighting the screen of glee

Can you dare to open up enough to let the evidence of hope see light

Will you be able to open the door and set the birds to fly

Will you walk a mile with the stranger begging to know much more of you

Or hide in the thick of the marshes away from view

Is it worth bearing the bleeding wounds and dragging the dead horse body

Is it worth bearing the broken glass in the tomb of a human soul

What will you do when the day comes to loose hold

Where will you run when there’s nowhere to go

And where will you toss the knot inside the glass of your heart

Try not to remember that the waters just want to drown

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