My Greyhound’s decision to be near me…Our decision to be near Him?


Or she could be outside, running around like she loves to do 🙂

My room door is open and so are all the other doors in my apartment (for the exception of the front door).  She has the freedom to go wherever she wants in this apartment.  She can go to the kitchen, living room, bathroom, patio, or the dining room.  Yet out of all of those rooms; out of all of those options, she chooses to lie down next to me.  She’s not talking, whining, barking, or doing anything specifically to get my attention; she’s just lying by my side.  She doesn’t have to.  She could very well lay in the living room where there’s more space, or lay in kitchen where there is food (or at least the smell of it), maybe even the bathroom (don’t know why anyone would want to lay down on the bathroom but hey, it’s an option).  She can do all of these, yet my greyhound chooses to lie by my side.

The truth is that’s all she needs to do.  The truth is that’s more than enough for me to know she loves me.  I won’t require her to sit obediently, though I guess I could.  I won’t require her to perform tricks or wonders.  I won’t even require her to lay a certain way.  No; just the fact that she is here, when she could be anywhere else is more than enough for me.

I am content knowing she is content.  I am happy knowing I bring her joy.  She is mine and I am hers.  She is my daughter and I am herTia nut2 dad.  Nothing she could ever do could ever change that; ever.

I understand this fact.  But I being evil can comprehend the shadow of love; the immutability of that which is true;  the fact that my Greyhound named Tia is perfect, no matter what she does or does not do; how much more the Father.  I am after all human.  But God is perfect.  If I being human can share an unchangeable love for my dog; how much more the Father’s love for His children?

My dog delights me with her very presence.  Could it be possible that our very presence delights the Lord?  Could our conscious decision to be near to God as opposed to anywhere else truly please Him?  To lie down in God’s room, as opposed to the world’s kitchen, living room, dining room, or even worse, bathroom.  Oh Lord, that I may be like my dog.  That my every breath become a declaration of the want to be near you.  That I may see your room with delight not a duty; and that I may enter it knowing that I am welcome to lie down and just enjoy You.


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