Amtrak from Orlando to Chicago.

All aboard Amtrak

All aboard Amtrak

Most people know that I am absolutely nuts over trains.  Literally nuts.  I see a train and I turn into a five year old… At any rate, on Aril 11th I will be doing something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I will be taking a long train ride from Gainesville to Chicago on the Amtrak train! WOHOO!!! (Actually, it’s more like from Orlando to Chicago, seeing as the nearest Amtrak train station to me is in Orlando…) The reason for this is due to the National American Planning Association (APA) Conference which is being held in Chicago.  The conference is on the 13th, I check into the hotel on the 12th and I have to start the train ride on the 11th….because it takes about 24 hours to get from Orlando to Chicago.  BUT I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!  And of course I am going to be blogging about this and taking pictures…maybe even video…Ooooh.  So any suggestions as to what I should definitely see while I’m in Chicago?


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