Saarbrücken, HTW, Mathematics Workshop

The other day I noticed a fellow student who understood math like the back of his hand.  Not much to understand on the back of your hand I guess….but I digress.  To him, math came easy, super easy.  I on the other hand struggle with 2+2…..which equals….4….I think.

As my college friend stood there in his mathematical triumph and genius (and I as coward with the shame of my defeat), I proposed the fact that I knew how to design and use design 3D software…something my mathematical friend was not keen to.  In fact, so “unkeen” was he to the notion of design that I could not help but to puff up my chest and revel in my superiority… (Hey give me break, I take it where I can find it!).

Where am I going with this (I am sure you are asking by now).  Our struggles are not that different than this interaction.  Some, have come to a place in their lives where their strength to overcome certain situations is greater than someone else who may struggle with the same situation.  This could be a catalyst for pride (and for making your fellow brother feel…inferior).  Nevertheless, your fellow brother may possess strengths of his own that could make you feel inadequate.

The point is, there is a reason why we need each other in the body of Christ.  There is also a reason why we need to be humble.  My strength is in the Lord.  If I overcome it’s because of Him, not because I did anything special.  Ultimately, our victories are to benefit the Body; to bear each other’s burdens and to lift each other up.  Don’t let your testimony become a weapon of humiliation; rather work hard to let your testimony truly point people to Jesus.

Love you all,



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