My separation anxiety: greyhound edition

Another trip and another separation from my Tia. This time is only for 3 days. But it feels like a month or something. She’s a good girl. Unique really for a greyhound. Most greyhounds are content sleeping. Not my Tia. Give her a fenced in yard any day (and be sure to give her tons of space lol). And trust me, she will let you know when she feels deprived of her “run” in a very comical sharada type of display. She literally will “minni sprint” while your walking her. I say minni because she will never fully sprint when on a leash. Rather she will sprint for one stride then stop. I’ve come to realize that this is her way of letting me know, “I wanna go run!”.
Another unique trait is her incredible love of people. To the point where my vet AND my groomer have mentioned how “they have never seen a greyhound so happy”. Lol. Yup, that she is. Her tail a constant whip of sheer joy…and pain for my legs lol. Everyday that passes I realize; I have made the right choice in adopting Tia.

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