Late at the airport on time

It’s 5:10am when we arrive at the airport. The plane leaves at 5:20am. I grab my duffle bag a give my friend a quick wave good bye as I hurry to the check out desk. As I feared. Boarding has been closed and the workers are at the gate helping the plane leave. As I stare in disbelief, anger starts to rise. “How can they just leave the check in stand without personnel!” I think to myself as I grab my phone and call customer service. This flight is important to me for my final destination is New York to see my grandmother. But as I speak to a very cordial and helpful customer service rep (no exaggeration or sarcasm) I start to realize something. God is in control. Sure I should have arrive 30 minutes early like they tell you to do. But I didn’t. This state is my fault. However, even as I am tempted to sulk about my present predicament, I hear His small still voice. Truth is, if I was meant to be on this plane, I would have been on this plane.

I don’t know why nor do I think I’m supposed to know why. But this I know, I was not suppose to be on that plane.

As this sense of still comes over me the friendly customer service rep on the phone tells me that they can put me on another plane but I needed to talk to rep at the airport. I thank her and hang up. I am oddly at peace.

The attendants approach the counter and I enter the line (with no one in it mind you). Another friendly attendant motions me to come forth. As I hand her my I’d, she notices that I paid for a priority seat on my original flight (only seat available so I had to pay $25 extra bucks). She kindly refunds that charge. My ticket has now been reduced in price by $25 bucks. As she hands me my new itinerary I thank her and sit in the lobby. The next flight leaves at 10am. It is 7am as I write this post. There is no one around me except the worker at the bar whose staring at me all weird. Maybe because I look like a hobo with my over grown hair and beard (I desperately need a haircut and a good shave). Or maybe it’s because of my new camera that currently hangs around my neck. Regardless, I am at peace. As quickly as my anger rose, it has been replaced with a very strong sense of peace….three hours left till my flight gets here. Good time to catch up on posts that should have been posted a log time ago yet haven’t due to school insanity. Three hours of no one around…oops, one person just arrived. My people watching hobby kicks in…no worries though. I need to write.

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