Hope in a Hopelessly Hopeless World

I guess I will never understand how hate can be so blatant and yet so muddled.  As North Korea engages in defiant actions of war and hate on one side of the world and the gay right movement accuses some of being hate organizations, I stand back and try to wrap my head around the mess of this world.  But I can’t. I look at this globe that I call my residence, and I am saddened because it becomes all too clear for me that peace is not in the long term comprehensive plans.  Indeed quite the opposite, war and rumors of wars are all too common.  Monstrosities such as 15 year olds murdering their families, or going into schools and extinguishing the life of others are increasing.  Politicians fight against politicians in a desperate cat fight while in the middle the kittens wail for food.  But the politicians don’t care.  That which is good is mocked by the media as something that is weak.  Rather, personal success stories of selfishness are exalted and even exemplified.  Indeed this world has none, nor wants any peace.  How sad.

But in this darkness; yes even in this hopelessness, I have hope.  Even when those who speak the loudest paint the world in gray, confusing the fact its black, I can hear the succulent sound of promise.  Darkness slowly tightens its grip on the light.  Innocence is rare and when present, it’s discouraged.  Self has become king thus any action loses merit if it fails to improve Self.  But I have hope.  In a place and time when hope is hopeless to hope for, I have it.  When the thief, threatens to steal it from me; he can’t.  He tries to bash me with eloquent words and deceptive promises.  But he fails.

I’ve tasted what this world claims to offer.  I filled my cup and drank till I was drunk besides myself.  I placed no inhibition before me and wasted no time in improving self.  But in the end, I came to the same conclusion that Solomon came to; vanities.  Everything ‘puffs’ away like smoke as you are left with the deception of fulfillment only to wake up the next morning in search of that which you thought you had.  This world promises many things and fails to deliver them all.  Nation rises against nation to obtain these promises.  But why don’t they see that the Promiser is promising to all sides.  And how can the Promiser keep his promises when all sides want the other to fail.  People rise against people, seeking equality and justice yet unwilling to serve others. If all seek equality for themselves it only makes sense that no one will ever receive it.  Yes; indeed the promises of this world are many.  But like the person in Plato’s Cave.  I have stepped into the sun.  Its light hurt my eyes and burned me to the very core, but that was just for a little while.  As my sight adjusted to the light, I saw that what I had been living in all this time, was but a shadow of truth.  The cave will never be my home again, for once you see the light; you can never step back into darkness.  For once you know the truth; the truth will set you free.

Indeed, I have hope; and because of this hope I am free.  I can walk through the darkness knowing that in me, there is light.  I can face the monsters knowing that they have already been defeated.  Death has lost its grip on me for I no longer fear it.  I love life and I now live.  The life I have is abundant and it will only increase.

How I wish people saw what I see.  I wish people could see the mornings heavy with promises and evenings heavy with fulfillment.  How I wish people could hold the hand of the One whose compassion has no end and whose love is everlasting.

I have hope.  Not from anything this world could promise, but from everything He has done.


2 thoughts on “Hope in a Hopelessly Hopeless World

  1. Juan, keep shining that light brother. You know that we are but sojourners here; but leave that light on so that others may come to the only Hope that you have come to,the very Christ that saves us.

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