My senses are gone!

Phew, this semester has started busier for me than last semester…how is that even possible? At any rate, I am currently competing in the ULI Competetion. There’s a multidisciplinary group of five of us which entail an architect, engineer, 2 business/accountants, and the urban planner (me). Our projects goal is the redevelopment of east downtown Minneapolis, MN. Let me tell you, this is not an easy task. But I am privileged to be part of a great team.

The prize is $50,000 distributed amongst us, five of which goes to the school. Y’all pray for our group as we strive to meet this challenge head on and hopefully come in top with $50,000 dollars to distribute amongst us.

Thus, if you have noticed that I have not posted much lately, this is the reason. Coupled with my classes, presidential duties and two jobs, well, you can start to see where my sense has gone…far far away from me lol.

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