On the road, from my phone, update

Today is a new morning and its 60 degrees outside! I wake to my Tia’s loving (and persistent) nudges in a perfect choreographed orchestration with my alarm clock. One, I would love to throw out the window (my alarm clock…just in case your wondering), and the other I would love to just give her a big hug (and she would want me to take her outside). My day is full of activities that I can’t wait to commence! Today, I will do something that pushes every ounce of comfort boundaries and the result will hopefully be amazing (can you guess what it is?… Ill post a pic of the result tomorrow or maybe even tonight).

On other news, yesterday I went to one of my classes to hear the professor say “this class requires a book, but you can find it cheap online”. I go online to find this book for 75 bucks and I can’t help but to think:”cheap for who?”. I buy the book.

On yet other news, as expected, I woke up barely able to move my upper body (from the workout soreness). What’s really kind of sad, is the fact that the weights I have been using, at one point in my workout career, where merely warm up weights. Yet these weights have now challenged my body to a point where soreness now prevails. My ego now hangs by a thread. No more showing off at the gym for me, lol. Oh we’ll. maybe by the end of this semester ill be able to show off (I hope)…hey, I too have needs. (I’m sure by now some of you are wondering about me lol, rest assured I’m not that vain…or am I.)


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