Tactical hate (poem)

You claim a flag of tolerance
It’s waved with pride and flare
But little you see
Your hypocrisy
A hate that soon will be made bare

A victim of social intolerance
You yell it from all the street squares
A great parody
Of what’s meant to be
Yet love is still not found there

Your war has shown to be odious
The tactics employed don’t seem fair
A mask made for me
To bind what is now free
And silence the hope I now bare

Vengefulness takes hold of ignorance
And blindly proclaim to know where
Life’s road leads to see
True identity
Yet peace has eluded me there

Truth Indeed is self evident
If you would just truly but stare
A sweet harmony
To find and set free
An image of love that’s impaired

Yet Love has its own set of imminence
We’ll all see it when where all there
But I know I’ll be
At last free from decrees
Of societal judgmental glare

Juan Castillo Jr.

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