Gay and Christ’s love

Recently, I had the great pleasure to meet up with good friends of mine (one of which I had not see. In eight years… EIGHT! I digress) over a short layover trip in Orlando Florida. Among all the subjects touched upon during our conversations, the issue of homosexuality came up. It was a short conversation but it brought to light a very interesting point concerning the issue. The issue being: we make much to do about nothing.

We would be hard pressed to find Jesus giving a lecture about any specific sin in scripture. But he often gave lectures about loving God, having faith, and following Him. And even when people where brought to Him who where caught “in the very act” of sinning. He merely said “go And sin no more”….done, no more lecture, not “our laws says this or that”. And you know what? These people, whom Jesus loved, did not preach down on, and merely stated the obvious, followed Him and lived a life for Him. Jesus didn’t have to sermonize them to death. He however did sermonize the Pharisees.

What brought me to Jesus after a period of complete rebellion, wasn’t people preaching to me about how wrong and evil homosexuality was. Many tried though, to which I simply erected my walls and drew closer to that what was comfortable to me, a life away from anything religious. But The Lord was at work in my life through moments of clarity, epiphanies, reflections, and spoken words (different than preached at word). In fact, the straw that broke my back was a simple question posed in a somewhat casual conversation. “Who is Jesus to Juan”.

So what’s my point? My point is that we as believer lack faith and have this whole evangelism thing backwards. We raise our pitchforks in the name of righteousness, vehemently denouncing the evils of sin while striping away the main ingredient to any change; love. We forget that God called us to proclaim salvation and to be lights on a city on a hill and to let our good works shine. But instead we try to force good works on others while proclaiming to be Christians. In other words, how can we ask someone to be Christ like when they may not have Christ. And if they do have Christ, why are we so faith deficient to realize that it is Christ in them that deals with their sins. Isn’t it the Holy Spirit that leads me to repentance? Or wait, is that only applicable in my life, but I have to somehow make other people repent by preaching at them? And where does prayer fall into all of this?

My standing in Christ is not because of any persuasion from church leadership or righteous Christians. My standing in Christ is because of the work He has done. That’s why when other Christians behave contrary to their professed faith or even leaders for that matter, I am unshaken.

The true work or redemption and sanctification is done by Christ. If Christ be lifted He will draw man unto himself. HE does it, not us. We need to lift up Christ and cease condemnation. We need to let the power of the Holy Spirit do His work.

So how does this apply to homosexuality? Understand first and foremost that love is the answer. Period. Cliche? Maybe, but true. I really could care less about what anybody knows, until I know that they care. This is especially true for gay people. We forget that they have had to deal with tons of abuse and discrimination. Fake love is not enough, not even “religiousy” love. The only Love that sets people free is Christ’s love. This goes for anyone really but especially for gay people.

Everyone has a decision to make. Why do we focus so much on the dos and do nots as opposed to our relationship with Christ is beyond me. It’s like approaching someone who doesn’t know Christ and saying to them, “are you clean? You must be clean first before I tell you about Christ”. What foolishness! Did not Christ himself say that we have to clean the inside of a cup first? And how does anyone clean the inside first. By trying really hard? Really!!? No, we don’t try, God changes us. For in Christ we are a new creation. IN CHRIST! Not in acting really good.

I don’t think the church body has taken hold of this yet. We may say we are saved by grace but we don’t live like it. And we don’t see people who need Christ through the lens of Grace but rather through the lens of the law. We see their sin and not the person.

This post is in the context of homosexuality but it really applies to everything. I am recently getting acquainted with the meaning of “there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ”. Because for most of my Christian life I have been fed the lie, “you have to work hard enough”. The truth is, all the work that needed to be done, has been done. Once and for all. And the Spirit in me works for His good pleasure. I find that my desires and interest have changed. Not because I forced them to. They just have.

Let the Spirit do its work. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit and let God be God.

3 thoughts on “Gay and Christ’s love

    • Hey Gatorman! If you are ever in Los Angeles, I would like to invite you to come speak before our high school. It is a Christian school, but being in LA (Santa Monica, speicifcally) the kids are exposed to a lot of ideas. It could be good for them to hear from a Christian with your experience. Or, is there any support group that I can contact to find a speakcer?

      • Hey pastor!
        I’ve only been to LA once 😦 but would not mind going again :). However, I would have to wait for school to settle a bit before I could plan a trip to LA. But I would love to come and chat to your youth.
        As for a group in LA, at the top of my head I am not aware of one. But I can do some research and get back at you.

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