While I’m away, Tia will be ok

It’s the day of the end of the world, and I am sitting inside a subway restaurant in Downtown Orlando. My thoughts are a bit convoluted as I people watch. The sun slowly hides behind one of the buildings as a really mellow song plays on my IPhone headphones. Truth is, I’m sad.

I’m taking a journey to go visit my best friend and see my two girls (Sashi and Mimmer) which has me totally pumped. But at the same time, I’m leaving behind my Tia. And even though I have left her in very capable hands, I struggle with the fact that their not my hands. I’ll be back, sure, but she doesn’t know that. For all I know she may be thinking I left her. She may be wondering if I’m coming back. Gosh I did not realize this was going to be so hard. She’s been in my life for two months. That’s all the time it took for her to cement herself in my heart. A much needed piece to the architecture of my heart. But now, I’m in Orlando in route to Texas and she is in Gainesville. I already miss her. I miss her goofy way of waking me up. I miss her helicopter tail. I miss her twinkling eyes and her excited pants. I miss the way she approaches me when she wants me to scratch her ears. I miss the way she plays with her favorite almond butter toy I made for her. I miss walking with her. It’s not because its been so long since I’ve done any of these things, I walked her this morning before I left. I miss them because I know it’s going to be a while before i get to do or see them again.

Can I just brag on how amazing my greyhound is for a sec? As you know Tia came into my world in a sense by accident but I am confident that it was a God appointment. It was a busy time for me due to school and work to the point where I and other questioned the wisdom of my decision to adopt Tia. But you have to understand that when I saw her on that bright sunny day at the Gainesville Art fair, I knew. I just knew that I was meant to adopt her. During the weeks that followed we came to know each other as she carefully studied me (and I do mean studied, she would not take her eyes off me lol). And as I studied her. We got to know each other (and well always be getting to know each other). Everyday for the next two months I got to see how amazing she is. To wake me up, she licks my feet, her tail is a cyclon when she sees me, she’s so affectionate, when we walk she’s not a crazy hound. She loves people and is curious about almost everything. Almost everyone that see her comments on how beautiful she is, and indeed she’s beautiful. He physical ability for speed is crazy! I see her run every time I take her to our enclosed yard area in my apartment complex. Her goofiness has no equal as she gingerly steals my belongings and places them ever so carefully in the living room and then gets totally excited when I come to get it back. Lol, it’s the little things I guess you can say that makes my dog like no other. Maybe I’m bias.

I can’t wait to run through the door and see her wag with excitement. I can’t wait to see her jump in me (yes she jumps on me, and I like it!).

I better get out of here and start making my way to my destination. Thank you for reading. If you own a dog, give me lots of love and lots of hugs and kisses. They like that. And if you read this and are ever tempted to harm a dog, please don’t. You may think people like us crazy. Lol maybe we are a bit. But owning a dog has been one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Ill gladly pay the expenses, deal with messes, take care of accidents, and bear her blame. Because, she (Tia) is family.

Thanks for reading
Juan Castillo Jr.
If there are any weirdly spelled words. I apologize. I’m writing this from my iPhone and it’s hard to type. 🙂

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