Hard work, but that’s the way I like it

Today was a good day at work. Probably one of the most fulfilling days yet for me. I worked hard, really hard. I’m exhausted and I can hardly put a coherent thought in my brain (i.e. I’m mentally exhausted) but I am honestly happy. I feel like I have done something that has helped and actually has value. I really could care less that I’m getting paid a intern’s rate. Pft, please. At least I’m getting paid. Tell me that what I’m working on actually has merit, and you have me hooked. Furthermore, tell me I’m doing a good job and you have a very very very happy intern. Both of which happened today for me. And if that’s not enough, I was told of a new project which has great promise for our MPO in which I will take part on…yeah I’m totally content. Long hours? Bring them on! Hard work? I’ve never feared that. I’ll give this my all and ill be the best at doing so!

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