Wal-Mart arrival

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So there’s a new Wal-Mart in the neighborhood. Well at least in the neighborhood near my office.  Say whatever you want to say about Wal-Mart, but I see their arrival as a good thing.  For starters, this neighborhood is the epitome of a food desert.  There’s not a decent place to do groceries shopping for miles!  Let alone a place to buy lunch during your lunch time. Now you could argue that a Publix or a local food store like Ward’s would have been a better tenant and you may be right.  But guess what? This neighborhood has been a food desert for quite some time (and when I say “quite some time, I mean years…lots of them!).  None of the businesses mentioned above have ventured toward this uncharted territory. So for all their controversy, I personally welcome a Wal-Mart near this poor and forsaken neighborhood.  Moreover, this Wal-Mart is putting in sidewalks (politics at work I’m sure) which the area desperately needs…desperately! (Do you hear me Gainesville politicians! DESPERATELY! … Ahem.)  And yes, I know about the dealings and impact studies and all the strife between the city of Gainesville and Wal-Mart.  But In all and all, the facts remain: there is now a good source for shopping for food nearby (as compared to none), there’s development (as compared to none) and there’s sidewalks (as compared to… Oh I don’t know, none?).  So welcome Wal-Mart! I look forward to walking to your establishment during my lunch break :).


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