Superman: Man of Steel Steeling me away!

The Trial of Superman

The Trial of Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I just saw the new “man of steel” superman trailer and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!  If you have not seen it click on the link below.  I have been (and still am) a Superman fan since I was a little boy and as most fans, the Christopher Reeves movies where my favorite.  For the longest time I’ve been wanting them to make a good reboot of Superman but attempts have not been too successful.  That is attempts on the big screen. I personally loved Smallville and even Lois and Clark‘s Superman Adventure. However the Superman Return movie event though it was not bad (In my opinion, some may disagree….but I digress) but it was too emotional.  Nevertheless, The Man of Steel (Out on June 14th)  seems like its done right! There’s a good intro and from what I can tell a different spin on the cape crusader (a darker and more human twist). There ACTION, and from the looks of it, lots of it. And yes Lois is there. I simply can’t tell you how much I’m just itching to go see it.  I thoroughly enjoyed batman. But this, this is by far my most anticipated film ever….and I do mean ever….like ever….I honestly can’t recall a film I have ever been more excited about, period…This will probably be the first and only film I will wear anything specific to the movie to the movie showing (weird sentence but the repeat is not a typo). Superman shirt (I have them).  Superman costume? (Don’t have one but would not be difficult to get.).  However, the problem exists that superman was white, and my birthday suit is definitely darker.  But hey, its the thought that counts right?



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