The value of Chitchat

Chit Chat

I’ve never been good at ‘chit chat’ types of conversations.  I never really saw the point of them! “How bout’ them gators?” Well I’m sure they’re doing well. The weather, I can’t change it sooooo what’s the point of wasting time talking about it. Chit chat was just a frivolous waste of my time, and seeing as I don’t have much of it to throw about; it was a waste I could not afford. That is until Tia, my Greyhound showed me otherwise.  Yes you read me right; my dog taught me a lesson on interacting with humans. This took place one sunny afternoon where Tia and I

Her cuteness is just too much.

Her cuteness is just too much.

where out and about on a long walk.  During our journey, we encountered a few other dogs and their owners.  As each dog approached each other, they would almost immediately proceed to smell each other’s hind quarters. Shortly thereafter the dogs would either get excited over each other, retract from each other, or worse show aggression towards each other (one of them growled at my dog…I just about kicked him…but I digress). As I pondered as to the reason why a dog would growl at my innocent Tia, it dawned on me, the act of smelling each other’s behind is the dog’s way of chit chatting. ‘Hello, how does your rear end smell, so glad to smell you, we should smell each other again sometime’.  At that moment I thought to myself “my dog is a genius!” You see, it’s actually the same with us. We throw useless type of conversational items to our unknown connections in order to assess the other person. If we find things that are worth further assessment, then we effectively make a ‘connection’ which warrants more interactions. If however this chit chat yields no fruit, then we can safely part ways and cease from seeking any further interaction, and lastly through chit chat we can also find offense (but this should hopefully not happen often). Chit chat is one of our social evaluation tools. We assess each interaction to see what level of interaction we want to pursue, similar to our dog friends. Lol I can see it now: “hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my rear end, so smell me, maybe?”  So I guess chit chat is not so useless after all.  In fact is very useful indeed. Tia you are a genius.

4 thoughts on “The value of Chitchat

  1. I’m not at all a small talk type of person. I also think they’re pointless. But yeah, the cliche rings true, those little things can turn into big things. It’s really not about the topic, but a lot of it is acknowledgement from the other person. But you know what, I’ve tried to be a chit chat type but just not me.

    • I hear ya. Ive been trying to be more chit chatty for the sake of being more social. But I tell you what, once im done, im drained. However, I am starting to reap some rewards from it. Making contacts and such. And for a college student, contacts are the key to my future existence lol.

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