Money saving tip of today: Askew H2O

English: Images of bottled water

As a college student, I am very limited on financial resources (I.e. I’m poor).  Therefore, finding ways to save money to survive has been…well, a very real reality of survival. Therefore, here is one of the lessons I have learned as a student:  Say no, to H2O!  But not just any kind of H2O. but the bottled kind of H2O.  The one that you have to shackle-out-a-buck-or-two-(depending on brand)-for-something-you-can-get-for-free-from-a-faucet kind of H2O.

I know, some people are so grossed out by the faucet water.  Eeew, gross! But in all seriousness do you realize that the US has one of the cleanest waters in the world?  And guess what, it’s paid by your taxes! So why pay more for something you have already paid for when you have clean water running out of your own faucet.  Think about all the gas you save from not having to go to the store to get bottled water.  Think about all the calories you will be saving from just staying at home and drinking from the faucet…SAVE THE CALORIES! (I can see them now holding little signs that say, “save us, save us” as they lobby for equal rights protection….I digress).

People pay roughly a dollar a water bottle. So, if I buy 3 water bottles a day (I know some people who buy more than this so believe it


or not this is actually a conservative estimation) that’s like 3 bucks a day.  Times 7 (seven days in a week) that’s 21 dollars per week. Times 4 (4 weeks in a month) that’s $84 bucks…um that for me is a used college book or even better, that’s my months grocery bill…(believe it or not this is not an exaggeration…I digress again). Not to mention the environmental benefit in the reduction of plastic bottles you’ll be contributing to. So don’t be afraid to save $84 (or more) bucks a month.  Just think about all that you can do with all that money (and the calories you’ll be saving to make it…hmmm).

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