Well hello peace

SONY DSCI took a moment today to look at the trees. This semester has kept me hopping. So much so, that I almost forgot how good it made me feel to enjoy the complexity and simplicity of life.

I took a deep breath and let it out as I rested my head on the bench all the while staring up at the tree canopy over my head.  I experienced the joyous dance of a good ol’ tree as it anxiously waited for the promising rains to arrive.  The melancholic day overhead and the soothing wind bespoke of a peace I almost forgot I had the ability to experience.  But here in this moment, here this peace was.  All the toils of this past semester are now behind me as I thank God with my mental singing.  I smile because I know things will be ok. The Lord has brought me through yet one more trial.

The Spanish moss now drapes the peripheral of my view and for a moment I forget I am actually sitting at a bus stop, waiting on a bus. Waiting to go home.  The subtle shifting of impatience alerts me to the rapid approach of the manmade object.  I’m tempted to walk home.  It would be a long walk but it would be a happy one. Nevertheless I choose to ascend the hollow enclosure.  With printed advertisement on the outside, obscuring the view from the inside, it darkens the environment around me. Nevertheless I sit here and am content.

3 thoughts on “Well hello peace

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