Money saving tip of the day: There’s no shame in the coupons game.

Heidi Kennedy, coupon queen and grocery coupon...

That’s right! None!  Don’t let someone else’s approval or disproval of coupons affect your savings.  People who use coupons can save an average of $30 to $80 bucks off their grocery bill.  And in the grand scheme of things, that’s not something to shake your stick at.  With those savings you can (eventually) save up for a car! Or whatever else you want to save up for.  Or how about helping others with the savings you have accomplished (I.e. food banks).  Here are some helpful tips when it comes to coupons:

Have a coupon book:

There’s nothing worse than purchasing something only to realize that you could have gotten that cheaper. Don’t let it happen to you! Keep you coupons organized so that you know what you have and when they expire.

Always check the Sunday pile:

And what I mean by Sunday pile is that big stack of coupon craziness that you get in the Sunday paper…yeah check those!

Sunday Papers

Sunday Papers (Photo credit: delphwynd)

Not everyone clips coupons:

Which means you can take these goodies from other people’s Sunday pile and you can reap the rewards…for free!

Look through the groceries isles:

Sometimes groceries will post coupons books at the entrance or intermittently trough the grocery aisles. Take me! (And of course use them).

Use online coupons! (but with caution):

Online activity has to always be followed with extreme caution. Unfortunately we have people who are dying to infect your computer with some virus or another. With that said, sometimes there are some pretty good online deals and offers. Check/follow your favorite store and groceries to get exclusive coupons.

Gotta love them Bogos:

Free Free Free

Now, bogos are not always coupon deals (rarely actually) but they can be. And so they are included in the tips section.

You almost never can go wrong with Bogo deals (that is “buy one get one = bogo…just in case you’re wondering).  If you see these deals in a supermarket (or anywhere else) take full advantage of this!

Match sales with coupons:

Here is where you see huge savings!  Find out what items are on sale, and use a coupon (or a combination of them…if allowed) to bring down this price even more!

These tips should give you guys a good start, but if you want to learn more and truly become experts in saving through coupon clippings, I suggest you check out Great site full of proven coupon strategies.

Now go forth you coupon clipping maniacs! Enjoy all the savings and then laugh at other people when you have more money than them 🙂 (and don’t forget to share your awesome savings, with the less fortunate as well).

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