Dragonfly gymnast

Dragonfly gymnast

Most of you guys already know I’m a total tree hugger (Yup, I actually do hug them). I love nature and everything in it because in nature I see God‘s handy work and his masterful expression of love towards us (though His ultimate expression of love is ofcourse the cross…and His resurrection). So what does that have to do with this Dragonfly? I’ll let you figuere that one out :). However, I have to tell you guys the story behind this guy (whom I affectionally called Benny). One of my habits is (was, thanks to a crazy school semester but it “will” be again) to go out and about during my lunch break and take pictures of God’s work. This particular day, one of my co-workers allowed me to use his really really really nice camera. (so ofcourse I had a hay day out neat the officess parking lot…I swear my co-workers thought I was crazy). I took pictures of just about everything, that is until this guy strolled along. He literally followed me wherever I went. So I decided to make him the subject of a photoshoot. Now mind you, I was fairly certain eventually he was going to fly away….and I was most certainly wrong. He stayed near me all the time I was taking pics of him. In one instance, I came so close to him that I almost touced him with my camera (literally, I was about 1/4 of an inch away) and orcouse I took a picture (but its not this one). I named him benny because that was the first name that popped into my head. Here is Benny doing something that quite frankly I am clueless as to why hes doing it, nevertheless a cool pose and a fun photo.


8 thoughts on “Dragonfly gymnast

    • You know, that makes absolute sense. It was a pretty hot day. I cant believe I did not associate the two, but it makes perfect sense, less area for the sun to hit, means the cooler you’ll stay. These little guys are genuises! Thank you for enlightening my understanding 🙂 you rocketh!

  1. I never had a good luck with great opportunity to capture a dragonfly in picture. You obviously did a great job with the clarity and crispness against their flight actions.

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