The alarm called sin

English: Vladimir Bystrov. 2006 Russian Premie...

That looks painful…poor guy.

Pain is your body’s main alarm system.  It basically tells you “something is wrong” and usually tells you where this problem exists which is an indication of its source.  However, to treat and end the pain, you must treat the source.  You can treat the symptom and that may work for a while but that won’t eliminate the pain, it just masks it.  Similarly in the spiritual sense, sin is the believer’s alarm that something is wrong and like pain, sin has to be dealt with at the source. If you don’t treat sin at the source all you’re doing is masking it.  For an unbeliever, the source is the lack of relationship with Christ. It’s Christ who paid for sin and who adopts us into a paid contract.  Without him, our sin remains for we can never pay for it ourselves.  For the believer, the source is the lack of fellowship with Christ for our relationship is forever secured in Him. But as Christ says, “abide in me and I in you and you shall bear much fruit”.  When we don’t abide in Christ, we fix our eyes on things other than Christ, making us susceptible to sinning.   Thus the presence of sin is a warning that there is a lack of fellowship and abiding in Christ. So what’s the answer? Why Jesus of course. You don’t have Jesus in your life?

Corcovado jesus

Life’s not guaranteed. Accept Jesus now.  You have Jesus but are in sin? Spend more time with Christ. How are those morning devotions going…wait what? They’re not happening? Maybe this is a good time to start having them.  (Notice by the way I did not say stop doing whatever it is you’re doing) the temptation is to focus on the symptom (sin) but in order to deal with it, you have to treat the source (Christ).


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