Money saving tip of today: Ramen Noodles?

ramen drawer

You got all you need…right here

Absolutely!  Have you seen the price of these guys? For the price of one sub I can buy a whole week’s worth of Ramen Noodles.  (I’m a college student; you know this suggestion was going to come out sometime).  But the principle here is a bit bigger than just ramen noodles.  You see, when you get out of college and start earning the big bucks (don’t laugh) it’s tempting to forget the principles learned through the college experience. It’s tempting to forget that the possibility on living off of little was (and still is) a real possibility.  Think about this:  If in your college years you made $300 a week and spend about $250 a week. Then you’re doing well with your finances. However, when you graduate and start earning $2000 a week, but because of your new car, phone, house, girlfriend (or boyfriend) you start spending $2050, guess what, eventually you’re going to find yourself in a financial pinch.  But wait, if you lived on $300 a week, why can’t you stay at $300 a week? The moral of this story is: be careful with your increase.  Just because you have more money, does not mean that it’s wise to have more stuff and (ok there’s two morals) just because you have more money does not mean it is wise to only have expensive stuff.  In other words, eat some Ramen Noodles sometimes…it’s good for the health of your walletJ.


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