The Body of Christ (church) and Sheep


Sheep (Photo credit: Mark Taggart)

The body of Christ (the church) is so important.  I see this more and more to be true each day.  How can I ask someone who does not know Him to pray for me? What kind of power could they possibly tap into? But those who know the Lord, know His power.  The Lord is my Shepherd. But behold I am a sheep, far from cute and ridden with stupidity.  I need a God who is wise, strong, loving and gorgeous to lead me and if at times he has to break my legs only to carry me on his shoulders? Well then I guess that’s cool too.  Nevertheless a flock (the church) has the ability to intercede for me.  Especially when my lack of intelligence stubbornly refuses to hide.  The body can also help me stand by drawing near to me, to lend me their support, to nudge me with their noses. To let me know we all belong to the most awesome Shepherd in the world, and that He loves us.  We can trust Him. Where He leads we can follow and if I lose sight of Him, I can follow the sheep in front.  But make haste to keep my eyes on him lest the sheep in front also goes astray and I follow the sheep there.  We can all lie down in the pasture, for under His watch we are all safe.  Yes, we are safe from the destroyer.

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