When tomorrow comes, and the vote is cast

I know im not the only one anxious for this election to be over.  But even now, I must remember a few things.

1.  God is in control

2. I have a responsibility to vote

3. God is in control

The redundancy is not a typo.  As a Christian, it boils down to my walk with Christ, tons of prayer, and a determination to be responsible and vote.  Its not about voting for the candidate that gives me what I want.  News flash, candidates will tell you what you want to hear and they probably wont deliver.  Why?  Not because they are evil, but because they are human.  And as humans, they will fail.  I say that to say, that instead of searching for who says what, or does not say what, we should be seeking the mind of the Lord.  For those of us who can hear His still small voice, and for those us who are lead by the spirit, THAT needs to be our guide.  Reason?  Sure, but I say again, the reason cannot lie in what the candidates say or don’t say.  And to some degree and cant even lie in what the candidates do.  For our society has breed a generation of politicians that are people pleasers.  I don’t blame them, I blame our society because I know, that if a candidate where to step up to the podium and tell us the truth, we would not vote for him or her.  Therefore, its not about them, its about God.  Its about prayer.  Its about trusting in the one that steers the leader’s heart as He steers the rivers.  It’s about us being a holy nation, that can start interceding unselfishly, as opposed to seeking our comfort or our rights. Therefore, Rise up and kneel before His Majesty.  Seek His mind, and let Him lead you.

Juan Castillo Jr.


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