Tia, Super star extraordinaire Greyhound

Her cuteness is just too much. A much needed breath of fresh air.

The sun embraced me in a very uncomfortable embrace as I proceeded to share information concerning the city’s future plan for development to whoever would stop at my booth.  It’s the Gainesville art’s festival, and our local planning section has set up a booth in which I decided to volunteer.  I smile as people pass by, take a look at the booth and continue their trajectory.  Unfortunately, our booth doesn’t have any art, just instructional material.  As I sit and look to my left. I notice her steady walk and calm demeanor commanding my attention with every step.  She’s gorgeous…no I am not talking about my future wife.  I am talking about a gorgeous brindle Greyhound that walked into my life (Literally) and stole my heart.  Her name is Tia, but her race name was Starztalented.  To this point I had been tossing the idea of owning a dog.  I used to live with two dogs, Sashi and Mimmer, who were part of the joys in my life but now they are in Texas with their true dad and this left me missing my bundles of joy.

I started speaking with the volunteer walking Tia.  She proceeded to tell me what an awesome dog Tia was, but this was obvious from miles away.  Tia came close and I immediately connected (you pet owners know what I’m talking about).  However, even in this moment I was not sure about adopting a dog, but Tia was adorable.  As Tia walked away, I said to myself “what a great dog”.

After my volunteer time was over, I walked over to the Gold Coast Greyhound Adoption booth (Conveniently located about 30 or so feet away from me).  I started talking some more to the friendly folks manning the booth.  I was so stricken with Tia that I wanted to volunteer.  But my mind was still not made up in adopting Tia.  That is until I heard the words, “there’s a few people interested in her” something within me exploded and I knew, I could not let her go and I was in luck, the applications had not been submitted by the others…at least not yet.  I dashed towards the bus…I swear this had to be one of the longest bus rides home.  As soon as I got to my computer, I proceeded to fill out that adoption application and prayed that someone else would not beat me to the punch.  And as the Lord my God would have it, they didn’t.

….To be continued……

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